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Integrative vs. Traditional Health Care


Traditional medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Once the diagnosis is established, the diagnosis is cross-checked with the list of medications used to treat that particular disorder. Often times, the medications chosen are merely treating symptoms, rather than the root cause of the problem.

The integrative or functional medicine approach focuses on prevention and, when problems present themselves, seeks to find the underlying cause. This approach is relatively simple and consists of identifying those things that might be making you sick and eliminating them, while at the same time replacing any identified deficiencies, be they hormonal or nutritional. In the majority of cases it is not one recommendation that we make but, rather, a combination of suggestions that lead to wellness.

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Integrative Medicine: Holistic health care that works

  • Supplements instead of pharmaceuticals when possible
  • Nutritional counseling and healthy eating
  • Light Therapy and other alternatives
  • Customized health advice
  • Read patient testimonials

Dr. Guillory:

Quoted in the Denver Post

Health care in a setting that promotes communication, compassion, and confidentiality. Patient health and well-being are our main concerns and as we develop a long-term relationship with each patient, we strive to advance their health and healing.

Our integrated approach to patient care combines the best of traditional Western medicine withother techniques and procedures, including light therapy, nutritional counseling and preventive care among others. Our objective is to understand and treat the whole person, as opposed to a narrow set of symptoms or concerns. Many of our patients, who have suffered for years with chronic pain and distress, have found hope and healing through our integrated approach.

We look forward to serving your health-care needs. Please browse our Website or call us at (303) 343-3121 if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

-Gerard L. Guillory M.D.

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